Rosebery Avenue Community Playgroup

Newsletter February 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back after the half term break, can you believe we are now into term 4 where has the time gone. We would like to welcome back some more of the children who have not been during the lockdown & over the next few weeks hopefully we will have our full capacity back into the setting.

We have been very fortunate that our numbers haven’t declined too much & we are slowly getting back to normal . We are also very lucky to have had zero cases of covid.

During the pandemic times it has given us time to reflect on our setting , what we were doing , continue to do etc & if we need to make any changes at all. As a reminder to everyone I am detailing what we have put into practise since the lockdowns & how we will continue after 8th March when all children should be back into schools & childcare settings.

Beginning of the day entry system Masks to be worn at all times please

Parents to wait with their child/children in 2 metre social distance lengths from the beginning of the footpath near to our building entrance all the way down the pathway, please do not form a congregation in front of the building or into the car park. This will remain in place.

Once the door is opened please leave the child’s bags, snack box goes into the box labelled snack box & your child will then come to the entrance door to have their hands sanitised & then go inside the main building, once inside the building they leave their coats in the cloakroom & enter the main classroom. This has been the procedure for new children too, we have found the settling in process to be far quicker than if the parent was to come into the building the separation period is very much quicker & less likely to cause anxiety for the child, all we do ask is that you arrive to collect your child on time as this is when a child can get very anxious if their parent/carer hasn’t arrived & everyone else has gone. In an emergency and you know you will be late please call us so that we can explain to your child & reassure them you won’t be long.

Toys & comforters still not to be brought into the setting please.

During the session

We have & will continue to clean equipment as is used , door handles & table tops are frequently wiped over during the course of the day as is toilets sprayed with non bleach spray , floors mopped with a bleach solution.

At the end of the day

Again still no parents entry into the building , your child/children will be handed to you or other authorised person to collect , their bags will be outside ready for you to pick up unless it is raining then your child will bring their own bags out with them . Again please arrive on time to collect.If anyone wishes to speak to their childs key worker please ask myself or whoever is on the door to ask the key worker to come & talk with you.

Accidents/ Incidents

We have been trialling an accident/incident recording system via tapestry , as you are all aware all accidents/incidents that occur need to be recorded and entered into your child’s files, previously this has always been done manually & quite time consuming . So how it works is once an accident/incident has occurred it will be recorded on the tapestry journal who will then notify you via their system that there will be an accident/incident form for you to sign when you return to pick up your child. Although this may sound a lengthy process it is far quicker than the manual recording . This will start from immediate effect. Please make sure that your email address for tapestry is the one you wish to use. This system also provides you with the information before you arrive to pick your child up & more confidential as you already know the circumstances so just a signature is required. Please be assured if there was a serious accident/incident then you will receive a telephone call straight away

Staff really do value your general comments on Tapestry on your child’s learning journals .

Exhisting Injuries

Please do not forget to notify us if your child has an injury at home we do need to know before the child enters the setting , we do have forms for you to complete at the door , failing to do so will & the injury is noted during the session it will prompt me to message you to get details of the injury , print up & enter into your childs files. We have a duty to safeguard each child in our care.

Car Parking

This will always be an ongoing situation but we are not authorised by the school to use the car park for parents parking, please do not bring your vehicles into the car park as it only prompts school to give us a call asking us to remind parents again. Could you also pass this information to anyone who will be collecting your child/children.

Looking Forward

Hopefully we are going to be on the way to normality but again nobody can be 100% where this virus is going to take us or end. With this in mind we have decided that we will not be arranging a leavers party this year but hope we may be able to have a little tea party within our setting at some point but also with the loss of revenue during the pandemic we have to prioritise our spending to essentials only.

Our September intake is already over half full so if you need any changes to your September requirements please do not delay in requesting them sooner rather than later.

We will also see the introduction of the Joining fee of which will be £15 per child. This has so far been well received and most have already paid the fees. Reason behind the fee is so that we can issue your child with their own name embroidered with our logo onto a drawstring bag, this is to contain spare clothing, nappies if required etc. We have had so many problems with bags this year being unlabelled so this was our way of rectifying the problem & save us wasting a lot of time searching bags for a child’s spare clothing or other item. Also included for the £15 will be a playgroup t shirt we would like uniform to be worn full time it also helps with school preparation. You can still purchase additional uniform items to be worn alongside the t shirts. Sweatshirts or polo shirts.

I think I have covered everything for now but if you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Carol Priestley